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We specialize in towing trailers anywhere in the USA. We have delivered many tiny homes. We have been in business since 1994.  Get a tiny home towing cost...

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safety tips for traveling with a tiny home trailer behind your truck.


1. Tires - High Ply Tires are best to have your tiny house trailer. 10 ply or higher. Tiny Homes are generally heavy and low ply tires do not last very long. Having a blow out pulling a tiny home is not fun. It is time consuming to replace the tire. Tire blow outs can cause damage to your actually tiny home just be the tread kicking back up. Better safe than sorry. Have strong tires below your investment.

2. Brakes - Most tiny home trailers are equipped with electric brakes. Since tiny homes are are generally heavy your truck will have a hard time stopping the trailer if the tiny house does not have good brakes. In order for the electric trailer brakes to work you must have a brake controller in your tow vehicle.

3. Lights - Lights are useless if they do not work. Check to make sure all lights work on trailer.

4. Axles - Some tiny home builders build beautiful tiny homes yet build the tiny house right on top a weak trailer. Make sure the trailer the tiny house sits on is strong. A good way to do so is make sure the axle gvw weights are strong enough to hold the tiny house. Axles come in different gvw (gross vehicle rate) ratings. Add the GVW of each axle up. Example if they total 7000 pounds and your tiny home weighs 8000 pounds, then you need stronger axles.

5. Structure - Make sure the trailer is put together professionally. Wind is strong, roads are rough.

6. Inside the tiny home - Secure any loose items. The roads can be bumpy.

7. Hitch of trailer - Make sure the hitch is secure. Make sure their is a breakaway switch on front of trailer. Also make sure safety chains are mounted on hitch.

8. For more safety tips, you may call us at 800-462-0038.

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